Administration in a company typically involves day-to-day management and/or operations of the firm. Administrative duties include those of the clerk and receptionists to that of the personnel/staff manager. In fact, such a wide range of administrative jobs exist that it would be helpful to classify them into a few categories. Within each category career and training options are also discussed.

Healthcare Administration

The healthcare industry is a large one, and has constant demand for capable supervisors and administrators. All the hospitals and clinics would fall apart with only the doctors running them. An entry level position would require a minimum of bachelors degree in healthcare administration, more senior positions wouldn’t do without a masters. These courses equip the student with basic theory and overview of the healthcare industry, along with financial management skills, business leadership and statistical analysis skills. Entry level positions run the gamut from health provider representatives to marketing assistants and consultants. Mid level to senior positions include department managers, contract negotiators, marketing directors, and even chief executive officers.

Contract Administration

Every organization that undertakes a significant number of transactions employs some form of contract administration. Whether managing short term employees, organizing supply chain management, or structuring procurement requirements, managing the company’s contract procedure is vital. Contract administration jobs involve management consultation as every company’s transactional setup is more or less unique. Operational setup and support is also involved with enterprise grade contract administration jobs. This career is well suited for individuals with flexibility and adaptability to new situations. Training for this career is akin to business administration programs, with heavy emphasis on operational management and IT skills.

Lease Administration

A subset of real estate management, lease administration can be suitable career for people interested and passionate about property management. Educational courses include emphasis on law and accounting among others. Career prospects are dependant on the nature of the local real estate industry but are usually promising.

Business Administration

Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees in universities. A good curriculum should provide the student with a diverse set of skills ranging from mathematics, statistics, accounting and economics, to public speaking, leadership, management, and administration. Graduates are recruited in every type of business and government bodies, including banks and insurance companies. The master of business administration adds an extra level of approval on top of the requisite years of work experience required to qualify for the program.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the career options in administration. In fact, almost all business and even non-profit organizations have a need for administrative staff. Therefore a career in administration has very good prospects in most areas of specialization.